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NEW Cd is available now titled "Igzabihir Yakal". Contact Colleen via - Proceeds go to Peter for his continuing medical needs.

PETER BROGGS 'Igzabihir Yakal'
Jah see and know all things


I'd like to pass on a message of Peter's progress. For those of you that did not know, Peter suffered a stroke in August 2004. He continues each day working hard to regain his strength from the stroke. He has lost an enormous amount of weight but continues the struggle and hopefully he will be singing again one day soon.

A special heartfelt thanks goes out to Neil, Billy and all in Amsterdam where Peter recorded at Dub Creator prior to his stroke. This project is donating proceeds to help Peter with his medical needs and continues to help. Neil has written about the LP above.

Please click here to make donations For those that would like to purchase the NEW CD "Igzabirir Yakal"....... Paypal is available for you to purchases of the new CD or to make donations to Peter. You must have a debit or credit card. Go to
Three simple steps
  1. Sign up for a personal account
  2. Click the send money account
  3. Enter dollar amount and receivers email address (

Checks can be made payable to Henry James.

Please note:

account # 00024302800 for deposit only
routing # 221981063
Mail to:

US Alliance Federal Credit Union
600 Midland Ave.
Rye, NY 10580

Peter can be contacted in Jamaica at 876-391-3260 or you can reach Colleen at

Thank you!!

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Peter Broggs has always been a singer I love and respect, as a true musical messenger of Jah Rastafari. From the release of the now legendary debut LP 'Progressive youth' in the late seventies, right through to this time nowadays, the one Henry James has given us countless uplifting tunes in praise of our king.

Peter is a man who loves playing and freedom and he is very disappointed by the recent decision to destroy online poker in the United States. Indeed millions of online poker players are left with nearly no option to play anywhere. One of the very few choices available is the carbon poker bonus code, but this is a minor room compared to the big ones that just got a slap in the face.

As a tribute to his personal talent as a reggae singer we proudly present Igzabihir Yakal, a collection of tunes first recorded at the Dub Creator studio in Amsterdam in 2001. Peter had just spent a time in the bush in Jamaica recovering from a series of ailments, looking fresh and healthy since he arrived in Amsterdam ...working began immediately, and in two days he had cut six tough tunes. Presented here are these tunes, accompanied by full dub pieces. Featuring live percussion from Jonah Dan Inner Sanctuary & Disciples.

When I heard of Peters recent stroke the shock waves sparked us into action. It was spontaniously decided that all profit from this project should be donated to Peter Broggs and his family as an assistance in his continuing struggle back to health.I and King Shiloh family and Dub Holdem Creator gladly give our time and energy for this worthy work. We thank the Sensi Seed family for their generous sponsorship and the Henk at Blue Mountain for his assistence therein.

It is appropriate then that the title reflects the power and glory of the Supreme Being, Jah Rastafari. Peter we say, stand firm: Jah sees and knows all things, all that you are doing, all you have done and all you will do. Igzabihir Yakal. He will not forsake In, Selah! Good Luck to you Peter. You are a great representative of Jamaican culture and as such we should all support you.

As a more recent update Peter has been progressively recovering. But you are not going to see him playing blackjack online a lot, as his vision has deteriorated a lot. He still tries to spend some time in his cucumber garden but not as much as before. So we wish all the best to him and hop that the Jah in his greatness will help him get better. At least he can enjoy beautiful Jamaica with all the good weather and beautiful panoramas.

Rencently he did a big garden cleanout and had to rent a dumpster as there was so much garbage and debris to remove after the work was done. He planted new trees such as banana trees and chocolate trees, so he can enjoy his own fruit instead of byuing them at the grocery shop. A friend of his who works for a dumpster rental company let him use one of their dumpsters for free, nice gesture of his.

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